skincare for
skin lovers.

From the beauty experts,
a private label collection for
your skincare brand.

Committed to efficacy, driven by beauty.

Ibeauty is an Italian company operating in the sector of cosmetic and skincare products since 2008.

We believe that experience and innovation are the keys to effective treatments and visible results. That’s why since our origin we have been driven by a purpose: to boost self-confidence through a perfect balance of aesthetic and science.

A made in Italy method, open to the latest news and technologies of the international scenario.


Your brand, our solutions

Four lines for your business, with premium quality and personalized beauty products.
Find your skincare expression and leave your mark.

Face masks
Pre-soaked bio-cellulose masks enriched with active ingredients.
Body wraps
Professional ready-to-wrap infused bandages, for legs and body skincare.
Body creams
Exclusive formulations for the specific needs of facial skin.
Face creams
Body lotions and treatments for the care of different skin types.

Discover a unique aesthetic experience.

Just like skin, every customer has different needs.
From research to manufacturing, our Private Label company offers you a complete range of cutting-edge skincare products, with exclusive recipes developed by the in-house R&D laboratory.

Ibeauty face masks, body wraps and emulsions are studied, tested and produced inside our laboratory to fit the requests of the market, according to the most demanding standards.

True beauty happens whenever self-care coincides with everyone’s benefit.

Everything you need to support your business

With more than 10 years of experience in the production of cosmetics for personal skincare, we sustain our clients with competitive services, transforming their ideas into products.

From concept development and formulation to storage and shipment services, including actual manufacturing, quality control and after sales assistance, we work to suit your expectations.


Research and development

Private label cosmetics that fit the needs of your brand, exclusive recipes and safe formulations. Since concept development, your vision is at the center of our research.
Exploring the new opportunities and the latest trends, our R&D laboratory combines experience and innovation to develop distinctive, unique and effective skincare formulas and textures.


Regulatory affairs department

We work to ensure full compliance with international regulations and standards, supporting you through the different stages of production, from concept development to the launch of the product line.
Our Regulatory affairs division provides all the necessary dossiers and technical assistance to define your way to the different local and international markets.



Production is a crucial stage for Ibeauty: during the manufacturing process we infuse all our expertise and innovative technologies to create premium quality cosmetic lines.
From disposable soaked bandages and face masks to body and face creams, we offer a selection of beauty products according to your requests, guiding you in the choice of a tailor-made packaging and labeling.


Quality assurance

The quality control extends to every stage of our production process, including the selection of raw materials, the monitoring of production, filling and packaging and the final check of finished products.
This guarantees the maximum control of the procedures, in order to offer products and processes in compliance with the highest quality standards.


Logistics service

As a qualified full service private label company, we provide all transportation and storage solutions, in order to offer a quick, reliable and efficient service for your cosmetic brand.
Thanks to our warehouse we can store every product in a controlled environment, organizing shipping with great levels of flexibility and efficiency.


Measurable results for a true balance

As Italian producers of skincare professional products, we believe that beauty is strictly related to care and wellbeing. It has the power to create a new harmony, enhancing our relationship with our body and ourselves.

Ibeauty’s scientific approach to cosmetics aims to create this positive synergy. To achieve this goal we put innovative methods, ingredients of proven efficacy and products with concrete results at the center of our research.


Made to boost a positive impact, inside and outside.

For us wellness is not only a question of visible results.
Being involved, creating a positive work environment, integrating renewable resources and sharing sustainable goals with our team and customers
are part of our commitment towards
an ethically made production.

A bond where skin health, individual wellbeing and environment protection are strictly connected.